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Strategic partnership with BCDC Ghana  
between Professional Start and Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences, Kansoi, Ghana, Upper East Region.

Professional Start assumes corporate social responsibility with the aim to develop a medium-term strategic partnership with the Business & Career Development Center (BCDC) in Ghana. Professional Start works on a non-profit-base, supported by the Senior Expert Service (SES) in Bonn.

Adhering to the joint vision

  • to improve living conditions in this region of Ghana
  • that close cooperation of studies and business development is the right approach
  • that social change and alignment to state of the art business life on basis of ethical believes will be initiated at Bongo District and in the Upper East Region of Ghana

Professional Start and Regentropfen College of Applied Sciences work close together to build a Business and Career Development Center in Kansoi, founded by Regentropfen Foundation, at the location of the college.

Here - integrated into their studies - students and young professionals will be trained in interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial skills.